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Big Picture Learning at NorthPointe Christian Schools is a unique program within our High School. Big Picture Learning does not center around seven classes a day but, rather, is based on student driven interests, project-based learning, and internships.

Project-Based Learning

Big Picture Learning consists of three days of school each week in the building – typically Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. This alternative learning approach is highly individualized, incorporating student interests and project-based learning.


Students start each morning on campus attending Bible class and an elective. They then spend two days each week (approximately 10:00 am – 2:00 pm) working at internships. Students begin the year with interest and ability inventories, developing a resume, then experiencing shadow days in industries of their interest. Following shadow days, students request and obtain a 12 week internship with a mentor in the field.

Internship Partners

Our internship options are as varied as the students in the program. We set up internships based on students’ interests. A sampling of intern hosts to date includes:

  • Frederik Meijer Gardens
  • Our Daily Bread IT
  • Amway Grand
  • Lucas Howard Realty Group
  • Alger Bike Shop
  • Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Christian Brothers Automotive

Who is this for?

Big Picture Learning serves a wide variety of students, from high achievers to those needing extra assistance. Some students enter the program knowing their interests and looking to dig deeper into their niche. Other students desire more hands-on learning and discover their interests through the program. Approximately 30% of our students come from homeschool families who have found BPL to be a good fit due to the independent learning. Because Big Picture Learning is based on each individual student, we are able to tailor the curriculum based on each unique student.

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