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Christian principles are weaved throughout our entire culture and curriculum – at every subject, every level, every day. We are intentional with how we implement and strengthen the faith of each student through bible classes, weekly chapels, small groups, mentorships, Spiritual Emphasis Week and various service projects.

Grounded in God's Word

The Bible is foundational at NorthPointe Christian Schools. NPC gives intentional time to biblical literacy through daily Bible classes. Students are encouraged to begin memorizing scripture from an early age through high school. At every grade level, teachers connect our teaching mandates, based on scripture, to their teaching in art, music, history, science, etc. These connections help students learn that God created them with particular skills and interests to give praise and beauty back to God.

At the Preschool & Elementary level, our teachers help children understand that God is the center of our life, that all the things we do should glorify Him, and that all the things we learn should be from the perspective of God’s Word. In Middle School, daily Bible classes focus on a greater understanding of the books of the Bible and how they weave together to tell the central story about Christ’s sacrifice for us. In High School, daily Bible classes develop students’ ability to interpret scripture and to understand how the Bible shapes our beliefs and forms our worldview.

Worshipping Together

Our lively Elementary, Middle School, and High School chapels provide an opportunity for our student bodies to join together to worship the Lord and learn biblical truths.

The Elementary Campus chapel meets every Friday afternoon. Special speakers, ministries, and local authors enrich the chapel experience. Students worship together enthusiastically; it’s a weekly favorite for many. The salvation message is communicated clearly to our young students throughout the year.

At the Middle and High School Campus, chapel takes place twice weekly. Whether our teachers, local youth leaders, or special guests are leading, Christ remains central in each chapel. Discipleship groups (“DGs”) are a regular part of the chapel program. DGs help facilitate students going deeper in their faith and encouraging one another.

Why NPC?

Living Out Our Faith

NorthPointe Christian views community service as a wonderful opportunity to live out our faith outside the classroom. It is part of the fabric of who we are. Service projects are weaved into all of our grade levels from preschool through high school. This takes on varying forms, such as visiting nursing homes, helping at a local pro-life center, or collecting donations for a nonprofit. Additionally, NorthPointe sets aside specific time each January to focus on serving. Middle and High School students incorporate this into J-term, and elementary students incorporate acts of service as a focus of Winning Our World (WOW) week.

Statement of Faith

NorthPointe Christian is founded on core beliefs that have remained central since our school’s formation in 1972.

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