Grounded in God's Word

Christian principles are weaved throughout our entire culture and curriculum – at every subject, every level, every day. 

At every grade level, teachers connect our teaching mandates, based on scripture, to their teaching in art, music, history, science, etc. These connections help students learn that God created them with particular skills and interests to give praise and beauty back to God.

Below are our three core teaching mandates and real-life examples from our faculty that show how these mandates are applied to the learning environment at NorthPointe Christian. 

 1. Love Mandate: Love the Lord your God and your neighbor as yourself.

Fourth Grade Science: We study how our Creator lovingly knit together all aspects of creation for us to enjoy and praise him; one way we teach this in in our Animal Group research project, showing how God provided habitats that match each animal’s need.

High School Science: Create a model of two different constellations (label the stars; explain how people used stars as a guide for traveling).  Then use Psalm 19:1-6 and Job 9:1-10 to show God’s relationship to objects in the sky and human beings.

2. Image Mandate: God made us in His own image to rule (steward) the earth.

High School Math Project: Create something (video, paper) that shows that you ARE smarter than a calculator, including a demonstration of solving a problem a calculator cannot and provide evidence that you are made in God’s image and the calculator is not.

Art Class Project: In working on a paper photo collage, the teacher emphasizes that each piece doesn’t always seem to have significance by itself. When all are put together, each piece is significant. Life is that way sometimes, especially how God works in the circumstances of our lives to fit each “piece” into the whole.

3. Mission Mandate: Go into all the world and share the good news, teaching people to obey God.

Second Grade Social Studies: In our community-building project, each student chooses the building that he/she then creates and explains how it “impacts the world for Christ.”

Middle School Spanish: Students are assigned to research a Latin American country, including naming two problems in that country.  Each student then writes how his/her God-given traits could help solve the problems.  One response: “Since I am ‘atrevido’ (English: bold), I would be able to go into those parts of Columbia that are dangerous and help children there.”

At NorthPointe Christian, we continue to interweave unwavering Biblical truths into your child’s education from Pre-k to 12th grade.

That is the NorthPointe difference!