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Your Best Investment

We believe Christian education is one of the best investments parents can make for their children. We, as a school, strive to partner with parents and churches to raise up children who love the Lord and are equipped to best serve in the world where God places them now and once they graduate from our school. We are committed to making Christian education as affordable as possible and offer ways to cut costs.


Current Tuition and Fees

NPC’s tuition structure supports a well-rounded student experience including academics, fine arts, and athletics – all through a Biblical lens. Please contact our admissions team at with any tuition-related questions.

Student grade Annual Tuition Monthly 11 Payments
Progressive Kindergarten $6,480 $589
Kindergarten 5-day $7,770 $706
Grades 1-5 $8,720 $793
Grades 6-8 $9,630 $875
Grades 9-12 $10,395 $945
Early childhood 3s, 4s, Developmental kindergarten Annual Tuition Monthly 9 Payments
All Early Childhood Classes: $735 / half day
$1,470 / full day
2 mornings $1,470 $164
3 mornings $2,205 $245
3 full days $4,410 $490
4 full days $5,880 $654
Full time $7,350 $817
Home & School Hybrid Program Annual Tuition Monthly 11 Payments
Hybrid 2 Day - Grades K-5 $3,750 $341
Hybrid 2 Day - Grades 6 $4,555 $414
Hybrid 2 Day - Grades 7-8 $5,355 $487
Friday Enrichment Only - Grades 1-5 $1,450 $132
Hybrid 2 Day & Fridays - Grades K-5 $4,935 $449

*Home and Hybrid families are also responsible to purchase the curriculum that will be used at both school and home.

Tuition Assistance

Families with full-time K – 12th grade or Home & School Hybrid students are eligible to apply for Tuition Assistance should they have need.

Full time students can qualify for up to 50% off of tuition rates. Home & School Hybrid families are eligible for a small percentage discount. A third-party system aids NorthPointe Christian in assessing family eligibility based on factors including income, assets, and family size. Families are encouraged to apply early as funds are limited. Early Childhood and Friday-only students are not eligible for Tuition Assistance. Families can also opt to take advantage of our gift card program (T.R.I.P.) to shave additional costs off of their tuition.

Additional Fees and Discounts

Please contact our admissions team at with any tuition-related questions.

2022-2023 Multi-Child Discount
Grades 9-12 Grades 6-8 Grades 1-5 5 Day Kinder
2nd child 0 0 0 0
3rd child $520 $483 $436 $390
4th child $1,559 $1,444 $1,308 $1,260
5th child $2,346 $2,889 $2,615 $2,330

Multiple Student Discount Calculation:

Not available for Preschool, Hybrid, or Progressive Kindergarten. Start with the oldest child first then follow the discount chart based on the subsequent child’s grade. For example, if your third student is in middle school, you will have a discount of $483, plus if your fourth student is in elementary school, you will have an additional discount of $1,308.

Payment Plan Options

One Payment Plan – due July 20, 2022
Two Payment Plan – half due July 20, 2022 and half due January 20, 2023
Eleven Payment Plan: July 20, 2022 – May 20, 2023
Nine Payment Plan (for Early Childhood families only): August 20, 2022 – April 20, 2023

Requested Donation with Tuition

You will have the opportunity to make a donation of 11% of tuition with your first payment. This helps us cover the full cost of educating your child. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

Enrollment Fees

New Student Enrollment Fee

K-12 Student $175

Preschool $100

Returning Student Re-Enrollment Fees

Early Re-enrollment PreK-12 $75

K-12 Re-enrollment $175

Preschool Re-enrollment $100

Student Union Support Services Fees

NorthPointe Christian’s desire is to provide equitable tuition to all students regardless of children’s needs. We also desire to partner with full families. Student Union fees are waived for families that enroll all of their children at NorthPointe Christian. For families just enrolling one student needing Student Union Support Services, a fee will be assessed based on student need.

Activity Fees

Our goal is to roll as much of our school costs as possible into tuition.  There is no additional fee for our 1:1 macbook program, sports involvement, or extracurricular activities.  From time to time, students will have field trip fees or other nominal fees.   The cost for larger class trips for Middle and High School will also be the responsibility of parents.  However, most of these larger costs will have fundraising opportunities.   Students enrolling in college courses will be responsible for the cost of the college textbooks.

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