Dan Vander Ark

Middle and High School Curriculum Director
Year Start At NPC: 2005

Mr. Vander Ark has served Christian schools as an English teacher or a school administrator for five decades. Since 2005, he has helped at NPC as the Curriculum Director and as a “coach” for teachers. He’s a native of Northern Michigan. He and his wife have four children, 14 grandchildren, and their first great-granddaughter. He loves reading, writing, and running.

Faith & Life


I have centered my work at NPC by persistently encouraging teachers to weave the Word of God into every area of their teaching, i.e., math, tech, art, etc. Beyond that, I help teachers connect all of this to the students’ lives. And beyond that, I ask them to teach them with the end in view: a worldview that includes seeing all of life through “the spectacles of Scripture.

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