Lisa Buys

2nd Grade Teacher
Year Start At NPC: 2022

Faith & Life

Statement of Faith

Christ has given me a passion for working with children to equip them spiritually and academically. It is such a blessing to get to be God’s hands and feet while serving at NPC.

God has made each of us in His image with differing talents and gifts. I want to teach my students what their gifts may be, to cherish them, and cultivate them so that they use them for His glory. I believe as Christian teachers, we have a responsibility to weave God’s word into everything we do.

I will do my best to carry out Christ’s mandate to “love God and our neighbor as ourselves.”  Besides my own conduct, I will teach students to honor God first. I hope to imprint on my students’ hearts to their neighbors as they do themselves. What a blessing and privilege I have at NPC to experience God’s work in the hearts and minds of His children each day!

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