Olga Diaz

Spanish Immersion Reading Specialist
Year Start At NPC: 2011

I thank the Lord every day for having brought me to NPC. My faith serves me to share the love of God with my students and my colleagues. As a Bible teacher in SI fifth grade, I have been able to explain concepts from the original language (Hebrew) and have the students gain more understanding and connect better with our Lord, Jesus.

Faith & Life


Mrs. Diaz is a linguist and author. She got her master’s degree in her native country, Colombia. She came to the USA in 2008 and taught Spanish at Grand Valley State University and at Hope College before teaching at NPC. Although she loves teaching students of all ages, she has a special connection and love for young children. In her spare time, Mrs. Diaz enjoys researching the Bible in Hebrew, her second language. She lives with her husband in Grand Rapids.

Statement of Faith

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