Scott Hofman

High School Big Picture Learning Math Teacher
Year Start At NPC: 2019

I love working at NPC because it gives me the opportunity to live out my vocation as a Christ-follower. I teach because I follow Jesus, and I strongly believe that all learning is formational and meant to be given away in Spirit-led service. As a teacher in the Big Picture Learning program, I get to sew the threads of formation and service by teaching my students to design projects that mean something to them and to others. When students get a vision for that type of project, then their best learning can begin. That is what I love and why I teach here.

Faith & Life


Mr. Hofman is a Grand Rapids native who graduated with degrees from Calvin College and GVSU. He had a short-lived dream of moving to the west coast, and got as far as Sunnyside, WA for a year. Mr. Hofman loves teaching in the Big Picture Learning program, and gets especially excited when ideating about educational philosophy. In his spare time he is probably cooking and eating.

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