NewsNPC Alumni Kenny Willekes now a Minnesota Viking

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — NorthPointe Christian retired the jersey of former football standout and current Minnesota Vikings defensive end Kenny Willekes on Friday night (February 4, 2022).

Willkes led the Mustangs to a 31-5 record in his three seasons on varsity including a pair of division six regional championships.

“Just the family and the comraderie,” Willekes said about his fondest memories of NPC. “We had a really good community here at this school. I got a lot of good friends that I still talk to to this day. A really good support system, parents, a lot of the teachers, a lot of the coaches, classmates I still reach out to them, I still talk to them frequently just being able to come back and see them and connect with them again is pretty cool.”

Source: Fox17 Online