newsPreparing for Preschool

It’s that time of year when we all get ready for the first day of school! At NorthPointe Christian Schools, carpets have been washed, floors waxed, windows shined, and teachers are organizing their classrooms, gearing up for a fabulous year! At home, you are likely purchasing supplies and squeezing in the last summer adventures.
Preschool is a big step in your child’s life (and yours!). With this in mind, we want your child to have a positive transition into their new preschool experience!

Here are a few ideas to help ensure a smooth start to the year:

Establish a schedule

Preschoolers thrive on established routines. A regular, consistent daily schedule at home will help your child transition into the daily routines of the classroom.

Keep a consistent bedtime

Preschool is your child’s “work.” They will be extra tired, especially at the beginning of the school year. Getting a full night’s sleep is a vital part of a successful, happy day. Consider starting them on a bedtime routine the week leading up to the first day.

Establish a morning routine

A consistent morning routine provides your preschooler with a sense of reassurance and confidence. Morning time flies by when you need to be out the door by 8:00 a.m.! Plan ahead to make your mornings run smoothly. Consider laying out clothes and making lunches the night before.

Read, Read, Read!

There are many wonderful books with stories about the first day of school, what a school day looks like, and facing anxieties about this new experience. Reading these stories is a great way to spark conversations about going to school and gives your child the opportunity to talk about their fears and ask questions. At NorthPointe Christian Schools, we have some of these books in our school office available for you to borrow; just stop by and check them out!

Discuss What to Expect

Keep conversations about preschool honest and provide information. It is normal for children to be nervous about preschool. Acknowledge their fears about going to school: it is a new place with new people. But also reassure them with information about the positive things they can expect; discuss what they will bring to school each day, toys they will find in the classroom, and what they will do (gathering time, reading stories, snack, recess, etc.).

A Quick, Loving, and Confident Goodbye

Some children run into the classroom without looking back, but a lot of children have a tearful time at drop-off. It can be difficult to endure, even if you are anticipating a rough goodbye! Lots of preschoolers experience separation anxiety. You can help your child through this time with a quick hug and kiss along with a confident goodbye (“I love you, I’ll be back to pick you up, you can tell me all about your day.”) Let your child borrow your confidence. And know that this anxiety is nothing new to your child’s teacher! They will provide your child with lots of loving reassurance!

Attend Preschool Orientation/Meet-the-Teacher Events

Transitions are much easier when a child is familiar with their school environment.


Teachers and staff are praying for your child too!

We are blessed to be part of your child’s preschool adventure. Our NorthPointe Christian Preschool Philosophy is based on Luke 2:42, “And Jesus grew in wisdom, stature, and infavor with God and man,” and we are excited to see all the ways your child grows this school year!

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