BlogWhy Christian Education?

Parenting is hard. Choosing where your child attends school is certainly a hard part. This choice will likely have enormous consequences for your child’s life.

As I reflect on the proverbial advice to “raise up a child in the way he should go,” I think Christian school is the best choice because it is a partnership with parents, a child’s first teachers, in helping this child “learn the way he/she should go.”

In my years of teaching and leading in both the secular and Christian school settings, here’s what I have gleaned:

Christian schools provide a complete education to fully prepare students for life after high school.

In a shifting, and often fearful, culture, students need the resources, not to hide from the world, but to face challenges with confidence and a solid foundation of truth. Particularly at NorthPointe Christian Schools, your child will leave here with this biblical foundation and skills needed to discern what’s true and what isn’t.

“Hi Mr. Schenck! Your class last year has really prepared me well for college, and I wanted to tell you about an assignment I had recently that I felt very comfortable with, thanks to you!… – Erin”

Christian school teaches that “every square inch of this world belongs to God.”

Our teachers weave that into everything kids learn. We help each child understand that he/she is made in God’s image, uniquely gifted to serve others, and well-prepared to answer the big questions of life: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? Graduates here are ready to meet our school’s mission: equipped to impact their world for Jesus Christ.

“Chris and I wanted to thank all of you! We are particularly grateful for the opportunities we had at NorthPointe to use and develop our gifts. Thank you for not only educating our minds, but our hearts as well. – Moriah”

Christian school teachers here serve as mentors to students.

This is certainly true in modeling Godly living, but they also demonstrate how to think carefully and critically. They model discernment: separating the deceptive from the real, the glitter from what’s underneath, showing students how to examine life from every side. But they also demonstrate awe, freely showing their wonder at beautiful things. As one writer has said, “The best teachers show four loves: love for God, love for their students, love of their subject, and love for showing others the first three loves.”

Christian schools are worth the cost.

You may face this hard decision of education for your children by wondering: “Sure. Sounds good. But the cost is steep.” As you dream about your child’s future, you will end up paying for things that you value the most for them. I believe a sacrificial decision to invest in Christian education is worth your investment.

I recently ran across a parent of graduates at our school. “I could have a nicer retirement home if we had chosen differently,” he told me, “but I would choose NorthPointe Christian Schools for my kids over again in a heartbeat. It’s affected who my kids have become – the type of college and career they pursued, how grounded they are in Christ, and even who they married.”

“I would choose NorthPointe Christian Schools over again for kids in a heartbeat.”

Yes, the choice is hard. Consider the long-lasting benefit to your child if you choose Christ to be the center of your home, church, and school.