NPC Art Teacher takes a Unique Approach
in Studying Environmental Design

Students at NorthPointe Christian High School are partnering with Plaster Creek Stewards, a local conservation group, to learn about environmental design and help restore the Plaster Creek Watershed using architecture and design. This unique approach to caring for the environment is building interest among students in caring for the land and water.

For a unit on Environmental Design in her Architecture and Design class, art teacher Heidi Hudberg takes her students to work with Plaster Creek Stewards.

“Our class does a hands-on project on green infrastructure,” Hudberg said. “For the last several years we’ve been focusing on the river and learning about the significance of local watersheds. This project helps students see that design choices can have a direct impact on things like water quality. Design choices can be both beautiful and functional, not simply avoiding further pollution, but actually helping to reverse it.”

Before taking students into the field to get their hands dirty with the work of restoration, a representative from Plaster Creek Stewards visits the classroom to teach the students about the role of and threats to local watersheds. “One of the things we hope to help the students see is that how we treat our watershed affects other people. By helping restore and keep it clean, we are ‘loving our downstream neighbors,’” Hudberg said.

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*Root & Vine News uplifts the good news of communities, while caring for creation through stewardship and sustainability. Article borrowed with permission.